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Chelsea and Hackney

As a rapidly-growing business we are constantly on the hunt for talented or enthusiastic fishmongers to join our team. Being a diverse business means we can recruit at all experience levels and we are always looking for new and experienced fishmongers alike.


Working at The Sea, The Sea means you'll be working with the best fish in the UK - and we really mean that. We source direct from boats, courier fish to London in our own vans, prep everything on-site in state-of-the-art facilities, and despatch everything in our own electric van to the best restaurants and hotels in the city.


To work with us you'll need great knife skills and the ability to fillet precisely and quickly. If you've worked as a blocksman, you'll be a perfect fit.


Our team works out of our Hackney facility for prep and wholesale and our retail offering happens in Chelsea. Our dynamism means you're able to work in one or the other or both - depending on what you're looking to get out of the job. If you prefer a customer-facing role where you're filleting fish to order and engaging directly with our retail customers, we'll slot you in to our established Chelsea team. If you're happy to get into the groove and fillet the finest fish in the city for our wholesale clients, we'll create a role for you in Hackney.


As part of our expansion project, we'll be operating our Hackney site 24hrs a day. A willingness to work unsociable hours will be a huge plus.


If you've got a passion for fish and want to learn more, we'll train you up and build you a career you can be proud of. Our core team has been with us since day 1 and we've operated fully throughout the lockdowns and have flourished in 2021.


If you're a fish fanatic, an established hand, or looking to gain extremely valuable expereince we'd like to hear from you.



We are a fishmonger and seafood bar like no other, now branching into wholesale and product development. Since we launched in Chelsea in 2019, we’ve been pushing the boundaries of seafood sourcing and cooking and now with our new state-of-the-art facility in Hackney, we’re looking to grow our team of exceptional people and push even further. 


There’s a reason why our core team has remained with us since the start. As a business we kept all our staff on full pay throughout the lockdowns and prospered as a result. We’re looking to grow our team with ambitious, passionate and dedicated professionals who want to build a career in an exciting, cutting edge environment.




We offer strong career progression and the ability to train across different disciplines within the company. We frequently upskill from within - moving and training team members up the hierarchy and into more advanced positions - and all our employees are encouraged to adapt and grow within the business. 


We offer full medical insurance for employees and their family as well as discounts on our retail and in our restaurants. 


As the most exciting and progressive seafood and restaurant business in London, we are a place where out-the-box thinking is encouraged and nurtured. Furthermore we have a strong team ethos where employees are supported from all directions as we work towards our collective goals. 


We don’t pidgeon-hole by experience - if you’re passionate about seafood and see a role which looks interesting but perhaps your experience isn’t quite suited, drop us a line anyway and tell us why you want to work with us and how you think your skillset can be applied.