Cured cod, samphire and ginger

  • Serves: 2
  • Cooks in: 12 hours
  • Difficulty: Easy

220g cod fillet with no bones or skin

150g of samphire
13g Sea salt
30g of peeled ginger 
1 medium size shallot 
1 bird eye chilli 
60 ml of olive oil 
1 lemon 
1 lime 

 Cure the fish fillet over night with 5% of salt over the weight, 11g. 

Take the ginger, shallot, chilli, samphire and blitz all together to a smooth emulsion. Then add salt, lemon juice, and lime juice. Blitz again. Pass this through fine sieve and keep refrigerated until use.
Rinse the cod in cold water, then path dry it with a clean cloth. Slice the fish into thin slices. 
To serve, pour the green sauce over a plate and display the fish slices scattered over the top.