Cured mackerel with wilted turnips, cime di rapa

  • Serves: 2
  • Cooks in: 90 min
  • Difficulty: Medium

2 medium size mackerels – filleted
1 large Tokyo turnip
0.500 ml of water
10 gr of salt
Olive oil to season
1 bunch of “cime di rapa “



Light sprinkle some salt on the mackerel fillets, leave in the fridge for 30.
Peel the turnips and slice in rings with 3mm thick, cover with the water and add 6 gr of salt, leave out of the fridge for 30.

Clean the “cime di rapa”, wash them in cold water.
Take a pot with water to the stove add a pinch of salt, let it boil. Blanch the “cime di rapa”for 3 m, cool down in ice water. Drain the excess of water.

Take the turnips out of the brine and let them drip the excess for a couple minutes.

Remove the mackerel from the fridge. Take a sauté pan to the stove on medium heat and drizzle a little olive oil, cook the mackerel filets starting from the skin once golden colour, remove the pan from the heat and leave them in there for another 5 m.

Remove from the sauté, place them on a tray with some absorbent paper. In the same sauté without adding any fat sauté the “cime di rapa” adding a pinch of salt, add the sliced turnips too.

Garnish the fish with the turnips and “cime di rapa”