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Cuttlefish Puff

  • Serves: 2
  • Cooks in: 20mins + 12hrs
  • Difficulty: Easy
200g Cuttlefish tentacles cleaned 
3g of sea salt 
180g of tapioca starch 
2 sheets of Nori seaweed 
600 ml of sunflower oil to fry 
Fine table salt to season 
Toast the nori sheets in a dry pan until crispy. Set aside and leave to cool before blitzing to a powder.
Cut the tentacles with a sharp knife into small pieces and then blend in a powerful blender with the tapioca starch to a smooth purée. It it's too hard add a touch of fish stock or water to make it smoother. 
Season with salt and add some seaweed powder for extra seasoning. Mix well.
Take a the dough out the machine and wrap it with cling film leave to rest in the fridge for 45m. 
Prepare a steamer over the stove. Roll the dough into 2 cylinders of approximately 4 cm diameter.
Steam for 25m, then remove form steamer and leave to cool down for 30m. With a sharp knife slice into thin discs of 0.2mm more or less. Don’t make them too thick otherwise they will struggle to puff.
Cut a sheet of baking paper that can fit into your oven or your dehydrator, add the discs and leave to dry at 55c for 12h. 
Once dried, take a deep pot and add sunflower oil and bring to 220c. Add the discs and puff. They should expand to twice their original size. 
Once cooked remove and place on a kitchen towel or other absorbent paper to remove the excess oil.