Scallop, acidulated rice, Cornish leaves

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Add the poaching liquid to a medium-sized pot and turn on the heat. Once the liquid reaches 55ºC add the scallop and roe. 


Cook for 2 minutes and then remove scallop and roe from liquid and set aside. 


Meanwhile, cook the rice in a medium-sized pot. Use twice the quantity of water to rice and cook until soft. 


Combine the cooked rice with the liquid rice and stir.


Season with salt and pepper and add finger limes. 


Drizzle rice with olive oil and set aside, keeping warm. 


Take a sharp knife and slice scallop into 8 equal sized pieces. Slice the roe into 3. Season with salt and a little olive oil. 


Check if rice is warm. If not, heat gently over a low heat. 


Plate rice and scatter scallop and roe over the rice. Garnish with Cornish leaves and another light drizzle of olive oil.