Turbot, cima di rape, white truffle, butter sauce

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Season the fish with salt. 

Dice a block of 60g unsalted butter.
Bring a large sauté pan to the stove. 
Once hot reduce temperature to medium and drizzle some olive oil.
Cook the fish skin side down for 5 minutes. 
?Flip and cook flesh side down for a further 2 minutes. 
Add butter and baste for 3 minutes. 
Remove from the pan and rest in a warm place. 
Add greens to the pan and cook.
Midway through cooking slowly add the fish stock and reduce. 
Drizzle olive oil. 
Stir and allow the mixture to emulsify. 
Add fish back into the pan and warm for 1 minute. 
Plate fish and greens together. 
Scatter truffles on top of fish and pour sauce over all.