White fish crudo with preserved vegetables

  • Serves: 4
  • Cooks in: 90 min
  • Difficulty: Easy

Sea bass if available 600 gr filleted and pinned bonned
Hazelnut oil 10 gr
Olive oil 40 gr
Grapeseed oil 15 gr
Large turnips 1 unit
Cucumbers 1 unit
Courgettes 1 unit
Maldon salt
Chervil ½ bunch
Fina table salt



Weight the fish and add 2.5% Maldon salt leaving to cure for 2 h. wash after this period and pat dry with a cloth.
Slice and portion.

Wash all the vegetables and rub them with fine salt leaving them on a tray to rest for 1 h. after this period rinse them in cold water and slice for service.

Mix all the oils together and with a wisk, incorporate the salt.

To serve leave the vegetables to last so you can cover the fish with them.