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We offer a wholesale service to like-minded restaurants and businesses looking to source the same quality produce we serve in our own shop and restaurant. We provide our fish direct from the source in Cornwall, Devon, and Dorset with a controlled journey in our own fleet of vehicles.

Our specialist wholesale offering focusses on line-caught day-boat fish, live shellfish, and under-appreciated products like garfish, velvet crabs, and seaweed. Our bespoke in-house ageing cabinets allow us to slowly dry age fish exclusively for wholesale customers, meaning chefs can select fish to bedelivered when it reaches its peak.

With evening deliveries in our all-electric vehicle, we offer fish from sea to city in less than 24 hours.

Account Customers

Trade customers can benefit from an account service that allows payment by invoice with 30-day terms. Account applications are handled in-house and must be supported by referencing. To apply for an account, please fill out the enquiry form below.

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